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Home staging

Selling as soon as possible is a real challenge and you never have a second chance to make a good first impression.


of purchases are made on a crush which occurs in the first 90 seconds of the visit


of the population will not have the ability to project themselves into places or spaces 

Home staging  

Or "real estate development allows", thanks to simple techniques and above all at a lower cost, to present your property in the best possible conditions and also to stand out among the many offers.

According to some studies: 

It is also  

Limit as much as posible the negotiation margins to the decrease and therefore allow an immediate return on investment 


  • On-site visit, diagnosis, measurement, photos

  • Establishment of an action plan to be carried out in writing room by room 

  • Shopping list of accessories  

  • Photo pack for posting the property 

  • The modifications and changes to be made are simple and can be carried out by an individual without the intervention of a professional.

Basic package for entire housing : 

365€ + 11€/m2

Implementation of recommendations in option: 

Half day: 255€

pre-tax prices

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